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Learn about a series of four library/social services partnership forums held throughout Massachusetts to explore social work partnerships and other social services collaborations.

Social Services Forums

Forum brainstorming activity Forum Brainstorming Activity Mashpee Forum brainstorming activity, Marlborough

What's next?


MLS Social Services Forum Details

Background:  In September 2017, MLS conducted a survey of the interest of Massachusetts library directors to partner with MLS to facilitate public library/social work partnerships.  Over 50 library directors responded to the survey, and over half of the respondents expressed interest to collaborate with us.  As a result of the survey, we decided to broaden the scope of this project from social work to social service partnerships.

The agenda of the forum:

  • Learn about the results of the survey and upcoming MLS programs.
  • Share a brief update about issues facing your library's community and what your library's experiences
  • Participate in an innovation/ideation activity to identify future directions

What is MLS already coordinating?

Future directions:

MLS is working in collaboration with MBLC to identify future directions following the forums.  MLS will continue to engage members in co-creating solutions and partnerships.

Please reach out to Michelle Eberle at for more information.

The Massachusetts Library System held Social Service Forums at the following locations:

  • MLS Marlborough Office: October 19, 2017
  • Mashpee Public Library:  October 27, 2017
  • MLS Northampton Office: October 31, 2017
  • Malden Public Library:  November 14, 2017