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Word of Mouth Marketing: Amesbury Public Library

Amesbury Public Library logo              Far more than you expect!

Structural details


To have the community rediscover the library and make the library a part of their everyday lives

To create library advocates in the community through positive experiences with the library and library staff

To remind our patrons and the public that the library is a valuable community asset


Non-users of the library who have not visited the physical library

And in the doing, raise awareness of the library and its resources for current users, staff, trustees, and Friends


# of raffle entries for raffle baskets at events

# of hand-outs that were taken

Statistics for services Team Amesbury promoted (ex. Freegal downloads, use of STEM materials)

Amesbury Public Library
149 Main Street
Amesbury, MA 01913-2899

Project Description

Team Amesbury took the opportunity the program afforded to stepping up their community outreach by fashioning a pop-up library table for use at events outside of the library building. They set up a table at various community events to promote specific services that the Library offers.

"We want our community to view us as a key resource in their lives. We can do that by doing more outreach at various events with interesting features that will attract people that we might not normally see in our library." Kim Butler.

Communication Strategies

Introduce word-of-mouth marketing campaign at a staff meeting the first summer.

Encourage staff participation at events or in publicity.

Keep staff updated of progress at monthly staff meetings.

Develop special/unique activities for each Pop-Up Library: Kids Day (June) = STEM activities, Pines Music Festival (July) = Freegal promotion, Trunk or Treat (October).

Contact a local company/business to see if they are interested in donating reusable bags for distribution at the Pop-Up Library. Also talk to business about donating items for gift baskets that will be raffled off at each Pop-Up event.

Promote appearances of Pop-Up Library on social media channels.

And so, how'd it go?

"We accomplished about half of our plan successfully. We were encouraged to continue to attend events and to branch out into the community. We received lots of positive verbal feedback from people we saw at events - from "We love the Library!" to "Oh the Library is here!" "

And how will you keep the momentum going?

"We are planning to establish a Welcome Kit to be handed out to new individuals/families moving to Amesbury to introduce them to the library. We also plan to continue to participate in community events throughout the year. We are also actively looking for events in town to show up at to continue to create positive interactions with the community."

And can you talk a little about setbacks, adjustments or lessons learned?

"We were unable to get funding for re-cyclable bags. We were able to adjust on the fly and make simple packets instead. Being aware of staff time needed to participate in events and plan. It's always more then you think! Planning for the weather is key when leaving the library. We experienced some very hot days! Be wary of unorganized community events. We had planned on attending an event only to have it changed locations at the last minute so we weren't able to attend."