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Word of Mouth Marketing: Cape Cod Hospital Medical Library

Your library - Your Source for Quality Information

Project description

Team Cape Cod Hospital wanted to get on-site and off-site staff talking about the time saving resources at the library and turning that buzz into usage.

"Your time is extremely valuable. If it's taking more than 5 minutes to find the information you need, contact us at or 508-862-5443. We're here to help you get the information you need for quality care." Jeanie Vander Pyl, Team Cape Cod Hospital

Structural details


Meet with 10 key users to explain WOMM and ask for their help to spread our message
Develop and implement a user needs survey to determine unmet needs
Increase journal usage by 25% Increase search requests by 20%


Off-site hospital affiliated physicians
Allied health practitioners, such as physical therapists, nutritionist, pharmacist, Internal staff and new employees
Internal champions
Key staff at off-site locations


Journal usage statistics comparing beginning, mid-point and conclusion
Track orientations
Literature search statistics

Cape Cod Hospital
Frazier-Grant Medical Library

27 Park Street
Hyannis, MA  02601

Communications strategies

Identify key library users and set up meetings with them to explain our goal
Determine key contacts at group physician practices and ask to be put on staff meeting agendas
Include library on new employee hospital tour
Conduct information needs survey to determine unmet needs and obstacles to using the library resources
Develop "Your Library - Your Source for Quality Information" business cards to distribute

And so, how'd it go?

Although most of our goals have been met, getting on physician offices meeting agendas has been difficult. This was scheduled and then canceled. Then an alternative plan to meet during lunches was proposed. Primary care staff changes have hindered implementing this tactic. We now are included on all new staff hospital tours and get to promote the library resources. We're included as part of the curriculum for our Novice nurse program, and conduct a class on Using CCH Library Resources. A library survey was conducted in September and results were reviewed, and we responded to individuals who indicated they wanted more information. A new business card was developed and is now distributed at orientations and classes: "Your Library- Your Source for Quality Information." We still need to work with some new key contacts, as staff in certain areas have changed.

And how will you keep the momentum going?

Being part of Provider and staff orientations will continue to build awareness of the library's resources. We will continue to teach the Library Resources class to each new cohort of nurses in the Novice program. As staff in management positions change, we will make sure the new staff are aware of library services.

And can you talk a little about setbacks, adjustments or lessons learned?

Having the library included on orientations and hospital tours has increased awareness and usage of the library. Staff changes have impacted our outreach efforts. Although not on our original key contacts list, nurse educators have become major library users. Having to use Marketing staff to "Brand" our message cards, delayed the production of this key communication tool. Survey indicated that 80% of staff usually obtain needed information from the Internet, while 67% used the library. Another major impact to the use of the library is reliance upon the UpToDate clinical reference system as the sole source of information. Although we support the use of this database, I feel staff rely too heavily on this one source of information.