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Word of Mouth Marketing: Eastham Public Library

Eastham Public Library- for every chapter of your life!

Project Description

Team Eastham applied to the WOMM program, intending to use it as a vehicle to reorient the staff and public to all that their busy, and brand new library building has to offer. They saw the WOMM initiative as a structured approach to looking at their program and population groups, and being intentional about program planning, publicity and communication efforts. Team Eastham wanted to communicate that the Library provides programs to meet the many and varied interests and needs of their broad community demographic.

"We love our tag line “The Eastham Public Library ~ for every chapter of your life!” We are using both electronic and traditional communication methods but really love that we ~ staff, friends, trustees, volunteers, community members ~ are the best marketers when we share stories about the Library and all it has to offer. We have wonderful new partners, such as LowerCape TV, the Sight Loss group, parenting groups, and all the patrons groups we serve. We feel that the energy we create when we plan and talk about library programs is infectious, that we have a true center for our community and that our community is our partner." Deb DeJonker-Berry

Structural Details


Eastham residents and visitors become more aware of the many library sponsored programs


All ages, with special focus on Young Adults and the 20-40 year old age range

People with disabilities


Attendance at Library programming

# of program attendees (offer on-site surveys to assess target demographic)

# uses of accessibility equipment for the visually impaired and hearing impaired during Library programming

Eastham Public Library
190 Samoset Road
Eastham, MA 02642-3109

Communications strategy

The message will be delivered by library staff and volunteers, as well as on promotional posters in the library, social media, the library website, library displays, and in publications that announce library events.

To spread the word about upcoming library programs, we will collaborate with various organizations in town, such as the Nauset Regional Schools, Eastham Chamber of Commerce and the Council on Aging.

Key staff and volunteers have been trained (and all will be) to operate, and instruct patrons in the use of, library equipment for the visually impaired and the hearing impaired.

And so, how'd it go?

"Our programs are varied, numerous and popular, numbers are not the issue for us - but we want to reach and serve more of our target populations, those with little free time, who are over-extended...and those with disabilities. We used surveys and one-on-one conversations for initial input. We bring materials to our new parent audiences  bringing newspapers and bestsellers (express bestsellers with no waiting lists) right down to the children's room or right in their path as they head there. We use a community programming and an exhibits committee to empower our residents to curate library programs and exhibits. We are having great success working with our Sight Loss group (who meet at the library monthly and are our partners) and over time will see equipment for the visually impaired being used. We have noticed that while this group has severe vision loss, many of them also have hearing loss. So, we have been working with them by introducing our hearing devices to them at their monthly meetings. Our Friends groups has also been offering them rides to our programs. A surprisingly effective tool the staff discovered was a large bulletin board in the meeting room, that seemed useless before. Hundreds of people see the bulletin board each week, and read and talk about the upcoming programs, before and after the programs. We use our tag-line "The Eastham Public Library - for every chapter of your life!" everywhere, on our web-site, email return addresses, bookmarks, and when we introduce programs.

And how will you keep the momentum going?

Staff, Trustees, Volunteers, Friends and our patrons have an increased understanding and level of thoughtfulness that we are all advocates and voices for our library (The Eastham Public Library - for every chapter of your life). WOMM is like candy - you always want more. The stories we tell are infectious and bring smiles to everyone's faces. The training we have taught ourselves is spread naturally - we are certain this energy will be maintained by following the good habits we have learned over the past year.

And can you talk a little about setbacks, adjustments or lessons learned?

One of the difficulties we have seen as a stretch was measurement. We are certainly counting program attendance, but how do we measure impact? We are collecting stories and re-telling their stories, again using WOMM. The real set back we have is time - we have a hard time getting together but have learned that we are an immensely creative and supportive team every time we do!