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Word of Mouth Marketing: Fitchburg High School

     Get your eBooks at FHS Library.

Project description

Team Fitchburg High chose to put their WOMM efforts toward increased use of eBook offerings.

"We want our students and faculty to know that the Fitchburg High School Lirary is your source for reading of all kinds, 24/7/365." -Kim Cochrane, Team Fitchburg High

Structural Details


To bring teachers and students on board with borrowing eBooks





School administrators


# new eBook users

# circs

Fitchburg High School
140 Arn-How Farm Road
Fitchburg, MA  01420-1369

Communications strategies

Social Media 

Library Posters 

Library Website videos 

School Posters 

Principal's newsletter

And so, how'd it go?

We had 36 new accounts between August and January (the latest data), 7 of which were teachers. The others were students.

And how will you keep the momentum going?

We will stick with the project now that the Chromebook rush seems to be more under control. Also, I now have students who are completing independent studies with me, and who are willing to help me with this project. They're making posters and carrying Kindles around to promote eBooks. The project won't ever be over - it will continue next year, too, until I have a better, larger percentage of eBook accounts. I think it will take a few years to get everyone on board - I'll focus on freshmen each year, and see how it goes.

And can you talk a little about setbacks, adjustments or lessons learned?

This turned out to be a difficult year for anything new, because we went 1-1 with Chromebooks on 9/1, and the logistics have fallen to me. I'm the support for technical difficulties as well as the source for borrowing Chromebooks (they all forget them at home!!). So unfortunately, the eBook project did not receive the level of attention it needed to be successful. We did get 36 new users, though! And some of those were teachers.  We do have a bulletin board with photos and testimonials from our new eBook users (those who agreed to do it), and we still are handing out promotional book marks with instructions on how to create accounts. Perseverance!