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Word of Mouth Marketing: Great Barrington Libraries

Great Barrington Libraries logo                        It’s a great big world in here.

Structural details


Staff, Friends and Trustees aware of programs and events at the library and able to communicate about them to patrons both in the library and in the community

Listen to patron/community member feedback and report back to senior staff


Internal: staff, friends, trustees

External:other town departments and employees, residents of GB, elected officials


Tracking program attendance

Observation of staff engagement

Great Barrington Libraries
Mason Library
231 Main Street
Great Barrington, MA  01230-1604

Project Description

Team Great Barrington chose to do a One Town, One Read using Notorious RBG (GB Reads: RBG) to get a diverse community talking together. They used adult and YA versions of the book, and a picture book for younger children.

"The GB libraries are the best place to come for a “holistic” approach to information: whatever the topic, we can recommend and provide books, audiobooks, films, or interactive resources that are directly and contextually related to patrons’ interests; we are engaged with the community and seek out programs that will enrich the public we serve." Team Great Barrington

Communication strategy

Engage staff, Trustees, and Friends in decision making (vote to choose book for One Town, One Read).
Offer training and support on technological pieces (electronic calendar access, online registration, etc.)
Provide regular information to staff in a variety of forms (email, in-person)
Implement double faced "monitor cards" at Circulation: side facing patrons says "Ask me about GB Reads", side facing staff has bullet points to describe the program (staff are encouraged to synthesize the information and produce their own cards for personal use)
Bookmarks that list the activities - Circulation staff charged with giving one to each patron when checking them out.

And so, how'd it go?

As of last checkin Team GB hadn't held their WOMM campaign yet.

And how will you keep the momentum going?

Continued communication with staff, friends, and trustees about programming Soliciting programming suggestions from patrons, community members and staff

And can you talk a little about setbacks, adjustments or lessons learned?

Our biggest challenge was staff shortage (a team of four decreased to two), with one of those staff members being the adult circulation supervisor. With the time it took to replace that position - key to staff training - we were communicating with staff. We learned that email is not the best method for communicating information to staff (adjusted to individual conversations/mini-trainings) This project would have been much easier if there was a clear communication structure in place between supervisors and staff, and between the adults and children's sections (they are on different floors)