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Word of Mouth Marketing: Salisbury Public Library


You will be surprised what your new library can do for you.

Project description

Team Salisbury wanted to get the community’s attention and ensure their understanding that their newly remodeled library is relevant to their everyday lives by increasing awareness & usage of all the resources that the library offers.

"Our primary goal is to get the message out that the new library is not just your Grandmother’s library, but a multi-faceted community resource that offers many services and resources intended to improve and enrich life for every member of the community. We will focus on eResources and museum passes." Team Salisbury

Structural details


Increase electronic resource (both eBooks and databases) use by 5%
Increase museum pass checkouts by 5%


All residents of Salisbury, year-round and seasonal, both library users and non-users


Usage statistics


Salisbury Public Library
17 Elm Street
Salisbury, MA 01952-1935

Communications strategies

Signs all over the building wherever it makes sense (RBdigital at mags etc.)

Purchased a sandwich board for outside

Promote on social media

Use screen savers at OPAC stations to promote resource of the month

Slip a bookmark with info about the resource of the month into every checkout

Stress squeezy hashtag guy: “Hey! What’s your problem? The Salisbury Public Library has a solution!”

salisbury howditgo

And so, how'd it go?

Both staff and patrons have learned a lot as result of this project. As a staff, we are a more unified front when it comes to general knowledge about all our offerings. Before WOMM, only our reference staff felt comfortable promoting many of these resources, now circulation staff and part-time staff are prepared to talk about these resources in casual conversation with patrons.

And how will you keep the momentum going?

It was really helpful to look at every "non-traditional" resource we offer and then identify specific items to highlight. It's easy to forget that just because we as staff know something is available,that doesn't mean the general public knows or remembers about it exists. We will continue to promote items like this on a scheduled basis, both among staff and with patrons.

And can you talk a little about setbacks, adjustments or lessons learned?

We learned that classes do not seem to attract the interest we had hoped, and preparing for them and hosting them are not necessarily the best use of staff time. We found instead that one on one sessions are effective ways to show people how to download eBooks etc. We also found that it's HARD to get everyone on staff enthusiastic about promoting things. The majority of staff was on board, but it was a consistent challenge to keep the momentum going with certain folks.