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Word of Mouth Marketing: Sutton Free Public Library

Sutton logo

         It's your library - vote yes!

Structural details


Build partnerships with three community groups
Gain 10 volunteers
Garner a positive vote for funding for our project


External audiences: Parents and Senior Citizens
Internal audiences: Town officials, staff, Friends of the Library and Board of Trustees


Favorable vote
# of new Capital Campaign Committee members
# community group partnerships

Sutton Free Public Library
4 Uxbridge Rd.
Sutton, MA  01590

Project Description

Team Sutton had the most high stakes WOMM project. The Sutton Free Public Library needs a new facility. The process was underway, and the library was accepted in the state's construction grant round as a viable candidate. But the library still needed to pass a town vote. Team Sutton's message was one of empowerment and urgency.

"The town's population is growing, and the there's just nowhere for the library to expand in our current location. A new library would provide meeting space, study areas, more resources in general, and a warm, welcoming, accessible environment." - Team Sutton

Communication Strategies

Information tables at community events
Door hangers
Presentations to the Senior Center, Garden Club, Lions Club, Women’s Groups
Invite small groups like Scouts to presentations at the Library
Social media – Facebook and Twitter

Project Update

On July 12, 2017 The Sutton Free Public Library was awarded nearly $5 million in a provisional construction grant. The next step was to hold a town vote to get the town's approval to accept the provisional grant. The vote was scheduled for October 16, 2017, just 13 weeks after receiving the provisional award.

There are 9,500 residents in Sutton. The vote was 371-312 against.