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Word of Mouth Marketing: Tahanto Regional Middle/High School Library

Tahanto Regional Middle/High school mascot, a stag head, with large black antlers. The stag head, from the neck up, facing left, is schaded in green and white.Everything you need is here in your library (We have many types of resources available to you).

Structural details


To increase student/staff knowledge of what's available
Ensure 10% increase in usage of library materials
Have students/staff promote their favorite finds




Participation in 2nd "ice cream sundae" promotion

1001 Main Street
Boylston, MA  01505-1014

Project description

Team Tahanto's WOMM focus was centered around increased understanding about the resources available in the Tahanto Library. Team Tahanto found creative ways to introduce students and staff to the many, many resources available within their library. 

Communication strategies

School website/Library Section
Friday Flyer
Tahanto Times (newspaper)
Glass wall in front of library
Closed circuit TV

And so, how'd it go?

Our first promo was well-received. I think new (6th grade) students now have a greater familiarization with the library and comfort level about the library as a result. Ice cream is a great incentive! We ran a second promotion with a slightly different message, "dipsticking" and requesting suggestions to improve the library's resources. In both promos, either the patron's photo or his/her personal suggestions were placed on the library glass wall for all school members to see, building familiarity with one another, and giving patrons ownership and a voice in how they use their current library, and what they'd like to see in their future library.

And how will you keep the momentum going?

We will use the suggestions given us to add to the library's resources and give updates to students/staff. We will continue to offer some fun promotions to keep student interest high, continuing with our tagline: "Everything you need is here in your library," or variations on this theme, as we did with our second promo: "Thousands of delicious reasons to visit your library." We will target middle schoolers as they are with us for a total of seven years.

And can you talk a little about setbacks, adjustments or lessons learned?

Faculty and staff were very supportive, especially of the first promo.The PTO supported our second promo, for which we are very grateful. Middle schoolers were much more receptive as a whole. Getting high school students involved was more of a challenge, they needed more cajoling to be a part of the promos.