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Word of Mouth Marketing: Union of Concerned Scientists

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Structural details


Build awareness of resources and Research Support knowledge base
Increase usage of our recently launched library catalog/institutional repository
Measured by number of searches and deposit of projects averaged over the year
Increase usage of our discovery service for full-text article access
Measured by increased number of full-text usage averaged over the year
Collect quotes from survey for reuse in future messaging


Research staff
Executive team


Evaluate database usage during and at the end of the project to measure reach
Survey staff to learn how and whether their understanding and perception of the value of resources has changed over the course of the project

Union of Concerned Scientists
Research Support
Two Brattle Square, Suite 6
Cambridge, MA  02138-3780

Project description

Team UCS wanted to spread the word to their Scientists about available subscriptions and the new library catalog/institutional repository. Team USC had hopes to initiate long term conversations which would inform member needs and identify areas for improvement.

"As a newer department, awareness among employees is still growing and our role in the organization continues to evolve." Joy McNalley, Team UCS

Communications strategies

Create posters/flyers/tent cards for posting to intranet and locally within offices
Create bookmark with list of frequently requested for resources
Schedule resource specific webinars to create greater awareness
Visit California and DC offices for in-person WOMM

And so, how'd it go?

The action plan was very successful in creating awareness, and even the planning process made us feel successful, rather than haphazardly scheduling outreach.

And how will you keep the momentum going?

Continue to maintain an "outreach calendar" with a schedule of promotions and trainings.

And can you talk a little about setbacks, adjustments or lessons learned?

Success led to time management issues as we had more requests for support and projects than we could juggle.