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Strategic Planning for Libraries: Resources & Examples

You will find resources you need to plan and develop a successful strategic plan.

Needs Assessment

The Community Needs Assessment statement is one of the key features of a strategic plan. It demonstrates that the library has gathered information directly from those in the community (users AND non-users, as available) to determine needs and begin identifying goals and objectives.

Preparing Surveys

Here are 4 questions that will get you started in going beyond the satisfaction questions:

  • What do you like most about your Library?
  • What improvements would you like to see?
  • Think of the library of the future. If money were no object, describe your ideal library system.
  • What services and programs do you see the Library needing to focus on for the next five years?

Survey Tools

There are many free tools you can use.  Sometimes the upgrade is not that expensive and depending on the level of statistics and reporting you need, the free versions are usually just fine.

Constant Contact

Survey Monkey

MBLC Counting Opinion Survey Tool

Hiring an Independent Consultant

Interesting Articles & Blogs

Here are some articles and blog posts that relate to strategic planning for libraries. 


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