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Digital Literacy Training and Libraries: Training for Librarians

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The Digital Library World

Digital Literacy is the ability to locate, evaluate and use digital information.

Public Libraries  offer a wide range of free computer, Internet use and resource instruction to help people locate, evaluate, and use online resources.

Libraries are vital centers for access to digital literacy.

The lives of library users continue to change, and libraries must continually evolve to meet the digital needs of their communities.

Digital Literacy Examples

What exactly is Digital Literacy in a Library?

A seminal work in this arena is the 2009 Museums, Libraries, and 21st Century Skills report from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Through a self-assessment tool, case studies, and policy analysis, the report establishes the essential role that libraries and museums play in creating an engaged citizenry and competitive workforce. The report highlights the ways in which these institutions support information, communications, and technology literacy; creativity and problem solving; civic literacy; global awareness; and other twenty-first-century skills.


Technology Assessments

ALA, Libraries and Schools Digital Literacy Resources

VideoConferencing and Libraries

Skype offers libraries and schools much of the same resources and contenet as a paid account.  In addition, Skype has partnered with World leaders: Microsoft, Save the children, American Library Association and many other to support and promote reading and technology.  See what they are offering at:

 The Mass Library system offers a LibGuide for Libraries and Videoconferencing:  Check it out!

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