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My College Freshman Is Your High School Senior: Resources

MA DHE Initiatives
and Standards

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Participants' Thoughts

21st Century Skills and Standards

Jobs for the Future (JFF)

Jobs for the Future is an organization that "works with our partners to design and drive the adoption of education and career pathways leading from college readiness to career advancement for those struggling to succeed in today’s economy." Key initaitives include:

  • Early College Designs - helps school districts implement school designs that enable students to master college and career ready work while in high school
  • Back on Track to College - schools and programs that adapt the early college model for off-track youth
  • Pathways to Prosperity - 9–14 pathways that help youth attain a postsecondary credential with currency in the labor market while still in high school
  • Students at the Center - synthesizes research and adapts for practice key components of student-centered approaches to learning. Project website includes tools, essays, and exemplars to help educators apply the best of current student-centered research are available. Our program panelist Rebecca Wolfe directs this initative. Dr. Wolfe recommends the following resources:

Dr. Wolfe has shared the following documents from Students at the Center: