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Collaborative Guide Project: Worcester Research Wayfinder: Using this guide

This guide consists of data sources about Worcester, compiled by the Worcester Academic and Research Collaborative (ARC) Research and Instruction SIG.

Collaborative Guide Project

What is the Collaborative Guide Project?

The Collaborative Guide Project is a pilot program of the Massachusetts Library System that allows academic libraries throughout the state to share expertise and production time in the development of resource guides. Most libraries’ guides cover nearly the same set of academic disciplines, yet every library toils alone to create and update a range of guides that are very similar from one institution to the next. We envision collaboratively created, shared, dynamic, and engaging subject and local resource guides. Developers may include existing consortia or any Massachusetts library staff with shared interests.

How can I use MLS Collaborative Guides?

MLS Collaborative Guides are not meant to be used directly by library patrons. Rather, they are designed to provide Massachusetts libraries with reusable content they can easily adapt on their own website or LibGuides platform.  PLEASE DO NOT link to this guide directly. Instead, here's how you can adapt it for use in your own library:

If you have LibGuides:

  1. From the dashboard, "Create New Guide."
  2. Select "Use a Template."
  3. Select "Community" and search for the title of this guide. Select it from the list.
  4. Complete Guide Settings for your local guide. Please check the "Sharing Restriction" box.
  5. That's it! Go ahead and "Create New Guide." Please see below for information about giving attribution.
  6. You are free to edit and adapt the content on your new guide as appropriate for your library community.

If you do not have LibGuides:

  1. In the guide header, select "Print this Guide."
  2. Save as html or text.
  3. Adapt and upload to your library's resource guide system. Please see below for information about giving attribution.
  4. You are free to edit and adapt the content on your new guide as appropriate for your library community.
  5. For statistical purposes, please email Kelly Jo Woodside to let MLS know which Collaborative Guide(s) you are using.

How should I give attribution for using this guide?

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License

You do not need to request further permission before reusing it. However, we request that you include the following attribution statement in your new guide, either in the guide description or in a separate box on the guide's home page:

This resource guide is adapted from [Title of Collaborative Guide (with hyperlink)] by [Partner Organization or Guide Authors (with hyperlink, if available)] for Massachusetts Library System, Inc. Licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

For example:

This resource guide is adapted from Worcester Research Wayfinder by Worcester ARC for Massachusetts Library System, Inc. Licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

What if I would like to suggest a resource for this guide, or join the development team?

Please contact the Project Coordinator, listed on this page.

What if I have an idea for a new guide for the Collaborative Guide Project?

Wonderful! Contact Kelly Jo Woodside at the Massachusetts Library System for more information about how to get started. Please note that participation in the Collaborative Guide Project is currently limited to libraries and library organizations in Massachusetts.


The Team


 Project Coordinator

   Anthony Penny - Clark University


   Jennifer Adams - Holy Cross

   Matthew Bejune - Worcester State University

   Pamela Graham - Becker College

   Alicia Hansen - Holy Cross

   Allison Martel - Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Science

   Nancy O'Sullivan - Assumption College

   Cynthia Shenette - Clark University

Make It Yours!

Once you copy this template into your system:

1. Remove this tab! Your patrons won't need it.

2. Search for #custom for resources we recommend customizing for your local institution.

3. Please read and follow the guidelines about attribution and use found elsewhere on this page.