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New England Assessment in Action Symposium: Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable Discussions: Topics and Notes

Roundtable insights

Program attendees participated in roundtable discussions about challenges and opportunities in developing and sustaining library research projects. Topics included:

  • Assessment in Action project process (e.g, choosing a project, action research methodology, challenges faced)
  • Collaboration for research (opportunities, benefits, challenges)
  • Next steps (communicating research results and maintaining momentum after completing a research project)
  • Sustainable support for library research projects (professional development needs, community of practice, etc.)

At the end of the discussion, each group shared key insights and questions from their discussion on post-it notes. The document below contains a transcription:

Roundtable Discussion Word Clouds

Below are word clouds for a quick visual representation of participants' thoughts on each topic.

Assessment in Action Project Process


project process



Next Steps

next steps

Sustainable Support for Library Assessment


sustainable support