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Word of Mouth Marketing: Cohort One

The Program

Libraries applied. They assign 1-4 people teams to attend trainings and to work with the MLS Consultant Anna Popp and outside consultant Peggy Barber.

Teams attended a Kick Off Celebration, including WOMM training delivered by Peg Barber.

Teams designed and implemented a WOMM campaign in their library.

Teams were asked to consider external and internal audiences. As WOMM requires marketings skills, as well as team building skills, to get the whole library staff engaged. Word of mouth has to start somewhere – staff is where it happens.

Teams had a year to conduct their program, and were encouraged to communicate with Peg and Anna and to use a dedicated Google Group to communicate with each other, to keep them going, and on track.

Projects were required to have a measurable component.

Participants agreed to contribute to this WOMM resource.

Administering the program

Cohort One

In 2018, the Massachusetts Library System announced an ambitious project to deliver an immersive word of mouth marketing training experience. More than 70 member libraries applied. 25 were accepted. Library teams of one to five people received training and worked with the project organizers to develop and execute WOMM projects in their libraries. These are their stories.


The MLS WOMM program is structured around this book, "Building a Buzz." Author Peg Barber was hired to facilitate the project. Fundamental aspects of this approach include:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Evaluation

Cohort One notes for future cohorting