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Fundamental and practical guidance for marketing your library.

Know the law

Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act

Seven steps to compliance (simplified)

  1. Be who you say you are. (Use a Library-authorized reply-to address.)
  2. Don’t lie in your subject line.
  3. Admit that you are an advertisement (only necessary if you don’t have prior consent)
  4. Must have physical location listed on the email
  5. Have to let people know how to opt-out
  6. And then you need to get them off the list fast when they opt out (there are more details to ensure customers have an easy opt-out)
  7. If you’re using an agency – know what they’re doing because you are vicariously liable.

Canada and the EU have more restrictive laws that you should also abide by (if you have international subscribers).

As with all laws, you should consult with your lawyer if you have questions.

Keeping things respectable

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