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MLS Strategic Plan - 2017 - 2019: Process


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Status & Next Steps

September 19, 2016
Approved by MLS Executive Board

November 7, 2016
Approved by MLS membership at annual meeting

December 2, 2016
Implementation conference

January 2, 2017
New plan begins

Community Planning Forums

MLS began its strategic planning journey early in 2016.  The Executive Board formed a strategic planning committee and engaged the services of Consultant Abby Straus.  Together, they developed a planning process and digested the input from community members to develop the written plan.

Step 1: Community Planning Forums

MLS convened a series of community planning forums throughout the commonwealth.  There, the strategic planning consultant engaged participants in active discussion on the future of MLS and the Massachusetts library community as a whole.  In total, MLS held 6 forums with 108 attendees.

Four Clear Messages

We heard four messages repeated throughout the community planning forums:

  1. We must continue to find ways to work closely with its members for the Massachusetts library community to thrive. 
  2. Marketing and advocacy are vitally important to the future of libraries. 
  3. Change is a continuous theme for all libraries
  4. Members rely on our core services.

Step 2: Interviews

Strategic planning committee members interviewed leaders from the Massachusetts library community as well as regional and national leaders to gain insight into the needs of the library community.  In total, the committee held 9 interviews with 12 people.

Step 3: Town Hall Meetings

MLS then convened a series of town hall meetings throughout the commonwealth to discuss the draft plan.  The town hall meetings were helpful to identify important themes that did not arise earlier in the planning process and to refine language.  In total, MLS held 7 town hall meetings with 65 attendees.

For more in-depth background, please visit the planning guide while we continue to migrate relevant content over into this guide.

Strategic Planning Committee

Committee Roster

Member Library Representatives

  • Ellen Dolan (Shrewsbury Public Library, Director)
  • Debbie Froggatt (Boston Public Schools Library Services, Director)
  • Deb Kern (Northfield Public Library, Director)
  • Leslie Lomasson (Amherst Regional High School, Librarian)
  • Jean Maguire (New England Historic Genealogical Society, Library Director)
  • Kathy Mahoney (Mashpee Public Library, Director)
  • Daniel Ortiz (University of Massachusetts Boston, Dean of University Libraries)
  • Bert Saul (Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger, Regional Librarian)
  • Michael Somers (Bridgewater State University, Clement c. Maxwell Library, Director)

Executive Board Representatives

  • Will Adamczyk, Committee Chair (Milton Public Library, Director)

  • Dianne Carty, (Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, Director)
  • Betty Johnson, (MLS President, Ex Officio)
  • David Leonard (Boston Public Library, President)
  • Jackie Rafferty (Paul Pratt Library, Cohasset, Director)

Staff Representatives

  • Betsy Meaden (Business & Human Resources Director)
  • Anna Popp (Consultant)
  • Greg Pronevitz (Executive Director)