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Summer Library Program: A Universe of Stories

This guide covers everything you need to plan, promote, and execute your summer library program for all ages!

A Universe of Stories



Sticky Note Art

Instructions in CSLP children’s manual (Sticky Note Grids p85) amd includes printable grid to design your own.

Workshop Slides

Marketing & Promotions

Social Media Campaigns from the CSLP Manuals: "Everyone's a Star When They Read" p 173 of the Children's Manual and "Spaaaaace! Scavenger Hunt" p 75 of the Teen Manual.

Reading & Activity Logs in the CSLP Manual


  • Incentive Game p 40 (Spanish p 41)
  • Time Log, 15-minute blocks p 42 (Spanish p 43)

Early Literacy

  • Bookmark p 18 (Spanish p 18)space girl copyright
  • Activity Log p 19 (Spanish p 20)


  • Teen Book Review Form p 16 (Spanish p 17)
  • Counting Books p 22 (Spanish p 22)
  • Counting Pages p 23 (Spanish p 24)
  • Activity Bingo p 25 (Spanish p 26)
  • Genre Bingo p 27 (Spanish p 28)


  • Tic-Tac-Toe Genre p 40 (Spanish p 41)
  • Activity Sheet p 42 (Spanish p 43)
  • Lined Log pp 52-53 (Spanish pp 54-55)
  • Book Review Form p 60 (Spanish p 61)

Program Ideas


From the CSLP Manuals: Reading Horoscope Teen p 101, Presenter Program Adult p 38, Heavenly Bingo Adult p 49, Moon Phase Birthdate Necklace (or magent) Teen p 52

Zodiac Inspired Book Recommendations


From the CSLP Adult Manual: Summer of Sci-Fi Book Club p 19, Sci-Fi Soundtrack Series p 20, Sci-Fi Writing Contest pp 37-38, Sci-Fi Internet Meme Making Teen p 38. Even though most of these ideas are in the adult manual, many of the program ideas and booklists would be suitable for teens.


Virtual Reality

Especially for Adults

Artwork Beyond the Manual

planetIf you're in need of something you can't find in the CSLP manual check out the page below from our Canva workshop. It includes links to sites for free photos, icons, fonts, and backgrounds as well as help with using Canva. Just remember free does not mean "free to use". Always check the license and copyright rules.

Here are a few selected sites to find additional space related imagery:

Star Wars

STEAM Wars from the CSLP Children's Manual pp 84-86

And don't forget to check out Pinterest for "May the 4th" and other Star Wars activities. 

Credit Lines & Copyright

A Universe of Stories is sponsored by your local library, the Massachusetts Library System, the Boston Bruins, and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BYImages copyrighted by CSLP unless otherwise stated.