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Word of Mouth Marketing: Home

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Lessons Learned

The Teams of Cohort One learned these lessons.

Heed the warnings.

Your greatest challenges will be:


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Assorted support tools

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Planning WOMM

Project Management

Crafting Viral Message, Jonah Berger

Behavioral economics is worth looking into if you want to learn how to motivate people. Dan Ariely, Richard Thaler, and Daniel Kahneman maybe better known, but Jonah Berger's work focuses on what makes messages go viral. His works "Contagious" and "Invisible Influence" are easy to read and have good information.

Building A Buzz

The MLS WOMM program is structured around this book, "Building a Buzz." Author Peg Barber was hired to facilitate the project. Fundamental aspects of this approach include:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Evaluation

WOMM a Do-It-Yourself (or not) Guide

This guide's sole reason for existing is to prepare you to conduct a Word Of Mouth Marketing campaign at your library. In 2017, 25 libraries signed onto Cohort One. They agreed to spend over a year and a half planning, documenting, conducting, and documenting (even more) their experiences. Some time in March 2018, we at MLS gave up trying to keep track of how many hours we'd put into it.

Here we've collected all the background information, planning documents, and support materials related to WOMM that we could anticipate you might need. What we've curated is based on our own ideas and the feedback of the brave Teams of Cohort One. You'll find reviews of the project that was Cohort One, and of the individual projects of almost all of the participating Teams. These include their plans, their related marketing materials, and their reflections.

But you don't have to do it yourself.

Attend one of MLS's spring 2019 WOMM classes being held across the Commonwealth. Information for that is that tab WOMM Class up above.

Apply to participate in future Cohorts where an MLS Consultant will take ten teams through a four-month, immersive WOMM experience. In a Cohort Teams will get one-on-one support with built in accountability, and no strings attached (no commitment to add to this toolkit).

MLS Members can always contact MLS Consultant Anna Popp (our current WOMM Specialist) with questions about WOMM (note: consulting services are at no cost to MLS members).

Trainers and Consortia! MLS has included documentation of our participation. If you are like MLS and our Consultants and offer training, professional development, or immersive programs, you'll find information for you, too. You are invited to contact MLS Consultant Anna Popp with your questions.