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2021 Meeting Materials

Monday, November 1st, 2021 -  1:00 p.m. - Online via Zoom

Reports from the MA Board of Library Commissioners and the Massachusetts Library Association

Being Seen with Elsa Sjunneson

profile picture of author Elsa SjunnesonAs a disabled woman in media studies, Elsa Sjunneson has read and seen it all. She's been studying the archetypes that make up our perceptions of disabled reality, and how the absence of real representation harms us in the real world for a decade. Come hear about her book, BEING SEEN, what it's like to be Deafblind in a world that doesn't want to see her, and how that shifts our perceptions of both story and reality.
Elsa Sjunneson is a Deafblind author and editor living in Seattle, Washington. Her fiction and nonfiction writing has been praised as “eloquence and activism in lockstep" and has been published in dozens of venues around the world. She has been a Hugo Award finalist seven times, and has won Hugo, Aurora, and BFA awards for her editorial work. When she isn't writing, Sjunneson works to dismantle structural ableism and rebuild community support for disabled people everywhere. Her debut memoir, Being Seen: One Deafblind Woman's Fight to End Ableism, releases in October of 2021 from Tiller Press.

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MLS Annual Meeting Voting informantion

We welcome staff from our member libraries and partners to our annual meeting. Per our bylaws, only one vote  per institution can count toward our quorum. Please check with others attending from your institution to ensure we count the vote from a designated representative. Proxy votes are also allowed; please contact Tom Raffensperger, MLS Board Clerk and Betsy Meaden, MLS Business and HR Director prior to the meeting,  if you would like to file a proxy. 

Is your library an MLS member? If your institution is listed in the MA Board of Library Commissioner's Library Directory, it is!