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Blue Marble Library Guide: Social Media Toolkit

Massachusetts Libraries Collaborate on Climate Preparedness and Sustainability


Promotional Material for Climate Prep Week

This social media toolkit is provided for Climate Prep Week partners to publicize CREW's virtual programs.  Please share the graphics and text below on your library's social media.  All Massachusetts libraries can sign-up to partner with CREW and promote these programs to their patrons.  Also, Massachusetts libraries can sign-up to host their own programs and be featured on the Climate Prep Week map.

Learn more about Climate Prep Week

Hashtags:   #ClimatePrepWeek          #ClimateCREW       #LibraryCREW





This resource guide is a collaboration the Massachusetts Library System, the Blue Marble Librarians, and Communities Responding to Extreme Weather.

Social Media Graphics Designer: Gabrielle Griffis, Brewster Ladies' Library.

CREW Communities Responding to Extreme Weather