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Library Advocacy and Fundraising Conference (LAFCON): Home

Information regarding LAFCON and registration discounts



EveryLibrary, the MA Library Association (MLA), and the MA Library System (MLS) invite members working in MLS member libraries, as well as individual members of MLA, to attend the Library and Fundraising Conference (LAFCON) with a special discount, thanks to EveryLibrary. 

EveryLibrary Institute and EveryLibrary are hosting the 2024 Library Advocacy and Funding Virtual Conference (LAFCON). The conference, now in its 3rd offering, will bring together leaders from libraries worldwide and will take place from July 24th to 26th, 2024. LAFCON 2024 offers a unique opportunity for attendees to learn new advocacy and library funding strategies from experts in the field. The three-day virtual conference will feature over 80 pre-recorded sessions covering a range of topics, including outreach, donor research, grants, legislation, coalition building, digital tactics, marketing, and an expanded track on navigating the book banning movement.

Discount attendance amount will be based on how many folks fill in our interest form. Please note:

This is NOT a registration form, nor are you required to attend if you add your name. Please complete this form by April 5, 2024.

 The Interest Form.


MA Contacts:

Sarah Sogigian, MLS,
Kathy Lussier, NOBLE network,

Sample Sessions

Moving From "Transactional Advocacy" to "Transformational Advocacy."

Drawing from the 2024 edition of his book: "Reclaiming Our Democracy: Every Citizen's Guide to Transformational Advocacy," Sam Daley-Harris will help us understand the difference between "transactional advocacy" and "transformational advocacy." LEARN MORE

Crisis Communications—Smart Strategies for Tough Times

This session will include practical tips on communicating before, during and after a crisis, including crisis planning, public and media communications, and social media management... LEARN MORE

Ready, Set, Go! Three Steps to Engage, Energize, and Empower Your Community

Join Kacey Carpenter, an accomplished author, community organizer, and volunteer, in a presentation designed to engage, energize, and empower your library community. Learn from real-life case studies featured in his latest book and gain insights into the use of digital tools and social media. LEARN MORE

You’re Writing Your Emails Wrong!!

Email can serve as the bedrock of a campaign for grassroots fundraising, organization and communication efforts. But so many organizations struggle to write emails that “work.” Throughout this session we’ll cover email best practices, common mistakes to avoid and a whole lot more. LEARN MORE

Virtual Collaboration

The conference will utilize the Whova conference platform to facilitate conversations and idea exchanges among attendees and speakers. These channels will remain active for three months after the conference, fostering a dedicated community of colleagues and advocates with the tools to take action and strengthen libraries for the future.