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Anna Popp Eccetric Jenius: About Me

Kelly told me to.

Books I Like:

As a Consultant with the Massachusetts Library System I work with member libraries on topics including Marketing, Reference Services, Space Planning, and Collection Management. A lifelong resident of Massachusetts, I spent a decade working in sales and marketing, selling my soul a bit at a time. Towards the end of the 1900s I left marketing and landed my first paraprofessional position in a public library. From there I earned my MLIS, worked a reference desk, and did some adjunct teaching for Simmons SLIS-West. During my decade working in public libraries, my experience in marketing became known and leaving marketing in my past became a distant dream. In 2011 I joined the consulting staff of MLS and began my relationship with the statewide library community. Since then, I've earned a certificate as a professional marketer, and had the pleasure and honor of working with Massachusetts library staff to make the library experience better for everybody who lives, works, and plays in the Commonwealth.