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Must See Sites for Technical Services: Home


025.431: The Dewey blog Everything you always wanted to know about the Dewey Decimal Classification® system but were afraid to ask. 

Bibliographic Wilderness A blog about library matters of digital systems and services, metadata, cataloging, and our collective effort to help people navigate the ‘information wilderness’ we find ourselves spending increasing time in. 

Blogging cataloguing! The musings of - what else? -  a cataloger about his job.

Celeripedean "Just another blog about libraries" but with an emphasis on cataloging

Coyle’s InFormation Comments on the digital age by Karen Coyle

The Library and The River "Life in San Antonio Texas by a northern transplant. With additional notes on cataloging and classification."

Lorcan Dempsey’s Weblog OCLC vice-president and chief strategist Lorcan Dempsey's weblog on libraries, services and networks 

Planet Cataloging An automatically-generated aggregation of blogs related to cataloging and metadata.

Subject Headings of Current Interest Compiled by Michael Colby of the University of California at  Davis updated monthly.

TSLL TechScans "A Blog to share the latest trends and technology tools for Technical Services Law Librarians" Not limited to Law Librarians. 

Work and Expression The blog of the Information Services Section of the City of London Libraries

Electronic Discussion Lists

AUTOCAT The archives of the cataloging and authorities discussion group plus instructions for joining the list. 

TROUBLESOME CATALOGERS AND MAGICAL METADATA FAIRIES A Facebook page to ask questions and discuss cataloging issues.

NETSLlist A list for New England Technical Services Librarians; you must be a NETSL member to use this list 

OLAC-List A list devoted to cataloging audiovisual materials 

RADCAT Even though the name of this list is Radical Catalogers, the people who post are perfectly normal catalogers with normal cataloging questions 

NGC4Lib (Next Generation Catalogs for Libraries) No longer active, but archives are still available

OCLC-CAT  A discussion list for Catalogers who use OCLC; Fill in your name and check the box next to OCLC-CAT and any other list in which you are interested.

MARC Forum A specialized list open to anyone interested in discussing MARC 21 formats. 

METADATALIBRARIANS A list geared toward discussing qualitative issues and metadata standards such as EAD, METS, MODS, MARCXML, DC, OAI, etc. 

SERIALST An informal electronic forum for most aspects of serials processing in libraries 

DEWEYERROR A list intended to distribute information about suspected errors in Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) numbers. 

AMIA-L An online forum for Moving Images Archivists.