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Youth Services Collection Maintenance


Selection Tools for Youth Services

Most of us rely on reviews, but not all reviews are created equal. Using good review sources may be as important as the selection of materials. A good source of reviews makes your job easier. Becoming familiar with review formats and scopes will save you time as you read through the massive number of journals and resources available. Knowing your community will help you determine the best review sources for your library. Popular magazines and other media can be just as helpful as professional journals!

Consider the following when looking at review sources:

  • Who are the reviewers? What are their credentials? Who is the audience?
  • Does it give you an objective appraisal of the material?
  • Does it state how it will fit in your collection (i.e. “good for libraries looking to expand their craft section”)? Is it relevant to your community’s needs?
  • Are the reviews timely? Does it offer a pre-publication or a high-demand section?
  • Does it compare the material to others on the same subject?
Review Journals
Blogs & Websites