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Here are all the materials you need to prepare for the MLS 2018 business meeting and the accompanying program. 

Keynote: Preaching to a New Choir: Widening the Audience for Literature

Lisa Lucas is the Executive Director of the National Book Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, she served as the Publisher of Guernica, a non-profit online magazine focusing on writing that explores the intersection of art and politics with an international and diverse focus and as  Director of Education at the Tribeca Film Institute. Lucas also serves on the literary council of the Brooklyn Book Festival.

Many of you may know Ms. Lucas from her recent appearance on the Great American Read, or from her coverage on NPR and the PBS Newshour. We are delighted that she will be joining us, and we look forward to her talk on the crucial role of libraries in widening the audience for literature. 

Lisa will discuss coalition-building, the crucial role that libraries play in widening the audience for literature, and the National Book Foundation's work to expand readership across America.


Find her on Twitter at @likaluca

Project SET Presentations

Massachusetts Library System is once again proud to present Ignite Session presentations crafted by our Project SET participants as part of our annual meeting program. Explore the links below to meet the 2018 SET participants, and discover the inspirational results of this six-month project, designed to cultivate presentation and leadership skills among your Massachusetts library colleagues.

Speaking Order:

  1. Liz Teoli: "So You’ve Got a New Librarian"
  2. Weronika Zawora: "Out of the Shadows: When Harassment Hits Home"
  3. Liz Cashman: "Empathy Driven Enforcement"
  4. Quincy Knapp: "Library Policy: Neutral Not Needed"
  5. Rhonda Cunha: "The “A” in STEAM Stands for the Arts"
  6. Eva Thaler-Sroussi: "Library as Media Mentor"
  7. Supriya Bhat: "Teenagers in the Library"
  8. Benjamin Phinney: "Libraries, the Natural Cure for Fake News"
  9. Alyson Cox: "The Case of the Disappearing Librarians"
  10. Julie O'Brien: "Flipping Library Instruction in High School and Beyond"
  11. Heather O'Leary: "Short Reading, Fun Reading!"
  12. Drew Meger: "So Your Library is Haunted"

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