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Digital Privacy & Technology Guide: Home

This guide provides an overview of digital privacy and the tools needed to protect libraries and its users, and thwart surveillance of our communities. This guide was developed by Library Freedom Project and Massachusetts Library Association.

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About This Resource

This guide was developed as a collaborative project between the Massachusetts Library System, Library Freedom Project, and the Massachusetts Library Association. It focuses on the privacy ramifications of current library technologies, educating library patrons on the importance of digital privacy, and resources on how to advocate for responsible legislation around digital privacy in Massachusetts.

Are you looking for training on digital privacy? Invite Library Freedom to your library, conference, and/or network for trainings on these various topics. Library Freedom's Privacy Advocates are located across the State and can train on a variety of privacy and surveillance issues.

Author Acknowledgments

Massachusetts Library System is proud to host this resource developed by Massachusetts Library Association and Library Freedom Project. Members who worked together to develop this resource includes:

Andrea Puglisi, Digital Initiatives/Technology Librarian, Westfield State University

Callan Bignoli, Library Director, Olin College of Engineering

Claire Lobdell, Distance Education Librarian & Archivist, Greenfield Community College

Jenn Bruneau, Library Director, Northborough Free Library

Jeremy Goldstein, Data Curation Librarian, Minuteman Library Network

Michelle Spinney, Member Services Manager, CLAMS Library Network

Renee Pawlowski, Student, San Jose State University