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MLS Annual Meeting 2013: Building Community Outside the Box: Keynote Speech with Christian Zabriskie

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Learn more about Urban Libraries Unite (ULU), a professional group created to promote and support libraries, library staff, and librarianship in urban settings.

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Buliding Outside the Community Box

Join us as we welcome Christian Zabriskie, Executive Director of Urban Libraries Unite (ULU), to our Annual Meeting! You’ve heard about Christian’s work in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, now hear the story behind this amazing service that truly was life saving. Through the creation of mini libraries and formally trained street librarians, Christian spearheaded a movement, one that encourages libraries to go where your public is, meet them where they live, and break beyond your library’s four walls.

Christian will also talk about ULU’s guerrilla advocacy campaigns that have helped restore over $300 million in budget cuts to New York City libraries over the last four years, as well as some of ULU’s new initiatives, working to support school librarians. He’ll bring some of his most popular tools, a Volunteer Library Brigade cart and Library Box, filled with ebooks, to give a hands-on demonstration. You’ll leave inspired to try something new in your community!

Christian, who hails from Amesbury, MA, lives in New York, and was named to Library Journal’s Movers and Shakers list in 2012.