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MLS Membership: Home

Basic Information

There are 1560 MLS members:

  • 123 Academic Libraries
  • 369 Public Libraries
  • 881 School Libraries
  • 187 Special Libraries

Member Directory

Learn about the Value of MLS Membership.

School Library Waiver Program


In an effort to ensure that our School Library Waiver Program continues to encourage schools to support staff members in their pursuit of certification, as well as meets the expectations of MLS membership, the MLS Executive Board voted at their December 9, 2019 meeting  to suspend the waiver program and conduct a review of the program. Waivers will not be accepted during this time and we’ll post further information once the review is completed. For questions, please contact Sarah Sogigian, MLS Executive Director.

Membership Contacts

Amanda Fauver
Membership Manager
508.357.2121 x309

Shirley MacLean
Member Services and Office Support
508.357.2121 x130

Betsy Meaden
Business & Human Resources Director
508.357.2121 x119

Benefits of Membership

About MLS

MLS is a state-funded, private nonprofit organization that serves roughly 1,600 libraries of all types in Massachusetts. MLS receives state funding in line 7000-9401 in the Massachusetts state budget. Visit the MLS website to learn more and to access all our services. Learn more about all library services in Massachusetts.

Training and Consulting Services

The Consulting and Training team at MLS provides a variety of face-to-face and virtual professional development opportunities as well as consulting on topics such as long-range planning, space planning, collection management and more. MLS consultants also coordinate the Summer Library Program in partnership with the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC).

Databases and eBooks

Massachusetts Library System provides training and support for the statewide databases program in partnership with MBLC. Visit the databases support site to learn more, see upcoming training or access the help desk. MLS also supports statewide eBook efforts. Currently, MLS supports access to OverDrive in partnership with MBLC and the automated resource sharing networks. Learn more about ebooks.

Delivery, Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

MLS provides a statewide courier service to 500+ libraries in Massachusetts.  In addition, MLS provides mediated interlibrary loan services to most public libraries as well as some academic, school and special libraries.  MLS also provides digital document delivery service via Boston Public Library. Learn more about:

Cooperative Purchasing

All MLS member are eligible to purchase library furniture, supplies and services on contract at the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium. MLS is currently working with MHEC to add electronic resources to the offerings! Learn more about cooperative purchasing.


MLS offers a unique library temporary staffing service to Massachusetts libraries. BiblioTemps handles clerical, paraprofessional and professional temporary staffing and can even handle interim director placements. Learn more about BiblioTemps.


MLS offers a low-cost shared integrated library system to roughly 60 academic, school, special and small public libraries. Learn more about MassCat.