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Purchasing Cooperative: Massachusetts General Procurement Laws

Trainings and Seminars

MA Procurement Code 30B Manual

MA Certified Public Procurement Official (MCPPO) Program Information

About the Inspector General's Office

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has extensive information and programs on Chapter 30B to assist local governments to ensure compliance in their procurement procedures when contracting for supplies, services and real property. Please use the following links and other resources on this page for more information.

Enacted in 1990, Chapter 30B of the Massachusetts General Laws, the Uniform Procurement Act, establishes uniform procedures for local governments to use when contracting for supplies, services, and real property.

General Procurement Information

Drafting an Invitation for Bid Document and Request for Proposals

If you in the process of drafting an Invitiation for Bid and or a Request for Proposals, please look here to view the Guide to Drafting Effective Invitation for Bids and Request for Proposals.

MLS & MHEC Contact Information

MLS Contacts:

Shirley MacLean
(866) 627-7228 ext. 130
Betsy Meaden
(866) 627-7228 ext. 119


MHEC Contacts:

Malik Ali, Member Services Specialist
Ryan Kidder, Member Services Director PMP
(413) 992-2576
Rika Monzillo, Sr. Strategic Sourcing Mgr. MCPPO
(413) 992-2506