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MLS Strategic Plan - 2021 - 2026*: Virtual Town Halls


Information on our Planning Process

Strategic Plan Committee

Member, Board, and Staff representation to the committee

Virtual Town Halls

Information on our virtual member participation opportunities with Stephanie Chase

Share your thoughts
A form to submit your ideas and suggestions 


Status & Next Steps

June 2020
Town Hall meetings with library members, partners and stakeholders

June and July 2020

passive engagement opportunities held by MLS staff in conversation with staff at member libraries

August 2020

Committee work with Stephanie, 2nd round of Virtual Town Hall meetings with members

September 2020

Approved by the MLS Executive Board

November 2020
Approved by MLS membership at annual meeting

January 2021
Implementation conference


2nd Round of Virtual Town Halls

In August 2020, Stephanie led members and partners through 5 sessions to help us focus and strengthen our plan work. Please read our summary of work and view a recording of a session.

Virtual Town Halls

in June, 2020, Stephanie Chase, our planning consultant, led five facilitated discussions with MLS members, partners, and stakeholders. 

A summary of the calls is linked in the section below. You can also view a recording of a session, read full notes from each session, and review the Powerpoint Presentation linked below. 

Initial Reaction Survey results

Member Contributions collected via Padlet

Key Takeaways from each breakout session

Favorite/Wishes/Dreams exercise results collected via Poll Everywhere


Virtual Town Halls Powerpoint Presentation

IAP2 Core Values

One of the tools we'll be using for our planning process are the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Core Values.