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MLS Strategic Plan - 2021 - 2026*: Share your thoughts


Information on our Planning Process

Strategic Plan Committee

Member, Board, and Staff representation to the committee

Virtual Town Halls

Information on our virtual member participation opportunities with Stephanie Chase

Share your thoughts
A form to submit your ideas and suggestions 


Status & Next Steps

June 2020
Town Hall meetings with library members, partners and stakeholders

June and July 2020

passive engagement opportunities held by MLS staff in conversation with staff at member libraries

August 2020

Committee work with Stephanie, 2nd round of Virtual Town Hall meetings with members

September 2020

Approved by the MLS Executive Board

November 2020
Approved by MLS membership at annual meeting

January 2021
Implementation conference


Strategic Plan feedback form

 Based upon significant member input over the past several years, MLS has drafted three possible strategic initiatives for our new strategic plan:

1. Sustainability of service which may include ensuring MLS services are well-resourced in both the short and long term, so members might rely on them, and that MLS has clear direction on where resources should be assigned.

2. Succession planning/leadership development, which may include. a focus on developing and preparing the next generation of library leaders in our state.

3. Equity of service, which may include ensuring that all member types receive something valuable from MLS—but also might mean considering how MLS can help member libraries with equity work, such as supporting a diverse workforce or outreach to under-resourced populations. 

Please share your thoughts via the form below, and let us know if there is another initiative we should focus on. 

Feedback Form