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Statewide Databases: FY2024 Statistics

The statewide databases provide all who live, work and learn in Massachusetts with access to a wide array of resources at an incredible savings.

Description of Reported Data

The usage statistics that are reported are aligned with ARIS (for public libraries) requirements. Specifically, the data being reported on are:

Encyclopedia Britannica 

  • All Encyclopedia Britannica databases - Documents and Media (Total Documents + Media)

Capstone PebbleGo

  • Animals and Biographies modules - PebbleGo Animals Article Views, PebbleGo Biographies Article Views, PebbleGo Copy Links Clicked, Total PebbleGo Games Played, Total PebbleGo Questions of the Day Answered


  • LegalForms MA - Retrievals 
  • OneFile and In Context databases - Full Text Retrievals
  • Gale Presents: Peterson's Career Prep -  number of accesses (sessions), create a resume, find a career, advice, number of clicks
  • Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep - number of accesses (sessions), unique usage 


  • Boston Globe and Science Database databases - Full Text HTML and Full Text PDF (Full Text Total)
  • HeritageQuest - Citation Abstract, Any FT Format

Transparent Language

  • Total Circulations (includes Course Downloads, Total Vocab Lesson Downloads, and Kidspeak Access Count)

FY 2024 Statistics