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Consulting and Training Services: Training Requests

Welcome to Consulting and Training Services at the Massachusetts Library System. On this page, you'll find info about our staff, our services, and links to guides about classes, topics, and services we offer.

Staff Training Requests

MLS staff is pleased to work with you to provide onsite training at your library when appropriate, in addition to the hundreds of scheduled workshops and webinars hosted by MLS each year. We will make every effort to support your in-service staff training needs.

Not every request/topic is something we can cover; we may also recommend other methods of securing an appropriate trainer. MLS is pleased to offer this service at no cost to our members. 

MLS Prepared Workshops feature highly interactive workshops are available within weeks depending on consultant availability and may be further customized to meet specific goals upon request.

Please refer to the right side of this page to read the full Staff Training Policy and then fill in the form below. The appropriate MLS Staff Member will respond shortly. Please contact Terry McQuown, Consulting and Training Services Director ( with any questions.

Staff Training Request

Staff Training Policy