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Consulting and Training Services: Staff Training Requests

Welcome to Consulting and Training Services at the Massachusetts Library System. On this page, you'll find info about our staff, our services, and links to guides about classes, topics, and services we offer.

Staff Training Requests

Are you looking for training for an in-service day, a staff meeting, or a professional development event? MLS consultants are here to help!  

Below on this page you will find a List of Prepared Workshops that MLS consultants are ready to facilitate at your library. These highly interactive workshops may be available within weeks (depending on consultant availability) and may be customized to meet your library's specific goals.

Please refer to the Staff Training Request box below. There you will find our Staff Training Request Form. Once you have completed the form, the appropriate MLS staff member will contact you to learn more about your training needs and discuss scheduling a workshop.  

Some of the benefits of having an MLS consultant deliver a workshop at your library include:

  • All of your staff will learn the same thing at the same time.

  • Trainings can be customized to address your library's specific goals.

  • We come to you, which means you won't need to dip into your library's travel budget.

  • Our prepared workshops are available at no cost to MLS member libraries.

While we strive to offer workshops on a variety of topics, we recognize that we might not offer the topic you are looking for. In those cases, you might want to check out our External Consultant Directory and Other Consultant Directories for non-MLS consultants who provide training and consulting services.

We look forward to bringing a workshop to your library. Please contact us if you have any questions.

List of Prepared Workshops

Staff Training Requests

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our prepared workshops, please contact:

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Terry McQuown
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