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Commonwealth eBook Collections: Welcome

What Is Commonwealth eBook Collections?

Commonwealth eBook Collections is a service provided by the Massachusetts Library System designed to expand access to digital content (eBooks, audiobooks, etc.) to all residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts via school libraries and public libraries. The program offers the following options to interested and eligible libraries:

  • MLS member school libraries join the OverDrive K-12 Shared Sora Collection
  • MLS member non-network public libraries join the SAILS Library Network OverDrive Collection 

Schools and libraries must be MLS members to join the program and pay an annual program subscription fee.

OverDrive K-12 Shared Sora Collection (schools)


When a school library joins the Commonwealth eBook Collections program, it join the OverDrive K-12 Shared Sora Collection:

  • Access to 60,000+ unique eBook, audiobook, and magazine collection that shared only among participating schools 
  • Sora is the reading platform (app and website), accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Support for curriculum titles, summer reading, book clubs, and other reading initiatives 
  • Add a public library card to Sora for access to even more titles from the local public library/network's OverDrive collection and beyond

In the News

SAILS Library Network OverDrive Collection (non-network public libraries)


When non-network public libraries join Commonwealth eBook Collections program, they join the SAILS Library Network OverDrive Collection:

  • Access to 185,000+ eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines (with the ability to add other public library networks)
  • Libby is reading platform (app)
  • Ability to add the OverDrive collections of other networks and the Boston Public Library 

Beyond Massachusetts

The Commonwealth eBook Collection gives Massachusetts libraries a voice in the national marketplace. The Massachusetts Library System actively participates in national initiatives including: