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Commonwealth eBook Collections: Participation Terms

Terms of Participation

Welcome to Commonwealth eBook Collections

We invite you to be an active participant. Only by working together can we truly make a difference. Staff members from participating libraries are encouraged to:

  • Serve on committees or special task forces.
  • Actively use the collections and make suggestions to improve them for our users.
  • Share your successes and challenges with other participants so that we all learn from one another.

Thanks to your library and your staff for your contributions!

Terms of Participation

These terms outline the roles and responsibilities for Massachusetts Library System “MLS” and participating libraries “Participants” in the Commonwealth eBook Collections program.


  1. The Commonwealth eBook Collections program is a library-driven program (1) to give Massachusetts libraries a stronger voice in the marketplace, (2) to build and provide access to a shared collection for participating school libraries and (3) to promote expanded resource sharing of electronic materials among non-network public libraries in Massachusetts. Together, we hope to improve user experiences, to expand choice for libraries in the marketplace and to support and contribute to the resource sharing efforts statewide. 
  2. The MLS OverDrive K-12 Shared Sora Collection for schools includes eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital items that may be chosen for inclusion in the program. Participating libraries are represented by a Collection Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) that advises on purchases and other matters of collection development and program content. Participating schools can ask for a list of CDAC members. Non-school libraries have access to the SAILS Library Network OverDrive Consortium eBook Collection upon joining the program.  
  3. Participants include school as well as non-networked public libraries and academic libraries in Massachusetts that choose to participate in the program. Only MLS member libraries are eligible to participate.
  4. In order to participate in the program, libraries agree to make an annual financial Contribution based upon a funding model as determined by MLS.  The current version of the funding model may be found on the Commonwealth eBook Collections website.  Note that it is regularly reviewed and revised.


  1. Contributions to the program provide participant libraries with full access to their respective Shared Collection, features and support included in the program for their library users. Each Participant is invoiced annually for its Contribution.
  2. Participants accept the responsibility to review the content included for the program for suitability to their communities and to participate in content selection to ensure that the program meets the needs of their communities.
  3. Participants understand that MLS is the owner and/or licensor of all content included in the program for schools (and SAILS Library Network for public, academic, and special libraries) and that access to and support for online content and platforms included in the program is limited to current Participants.
  4. MLS will provide access to aggregate and individual library usage statistics. 
  5. MLS will coordinate support for the products included in the program. Training and support will be provided by vendors, by MLS directly and by other participants. Product information, support contacts and related information will be available via the Commonwealth eBook Collections website. All support requests to MLS must be submitted electronically via the online support form.
  6. Program promotion is a shared responsibility. MLS is responsible for sharing important news with participating libraries and for facilitating information sharing.  Participating libraries are responsible for promoting the program to their users.  All share responsibility for working together and sharing successes, failures and ideas.
  7. These terms are subject to change. Any amendments to this agreement shall be posted to the program website along with other important documents for the program and announced to the participants.

Version 8.0 / April 7, 2023