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Commonwealth eBook Collections: Enrollment

Enrollment for schools is open!

Enrollment in Commonwealth eBook Collections is open for schools. Complete the enrollment form here:

Enrollment FAQ

Can any library participate in OverDrive via Commonwealth eBook Collections?
Only MLS member libraries are eligible to enroll in the program. Learn more! However, libraries in the automated resource sharing networks (e.g. CLAMS) do not need to join. Learn more!

What if my school already has OverDrive?
You may still join Commonwealth eBook Collections. Learn more!

Should my school library join if my students already have public library cards?
We think so. Learn more!

How much does it cost for my library to join Commonwealth eBook Collections?
The cost varies based on the year of enrollment and the type of library. Learn more!

My library is currently participating in Commonwealth eBook Collections. Do I need to re-enroll each year?
No, you should not re-enroll your library if it is a current participant. Learn more!