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MLS Delivery: Delivery News

This guide introduces delivery at the Massachusetts Library System and provides all the necessary information about delivery, routes, scheduling, claim forms, etc.

Holiday Reminders

No upcoming holidays

Want to join the Delivery List-Serv?

To be added to the delivery email list and receive updates and announcements regarding delivery, please email

Please make sure at least one person from your library receives emails. We periodically put out important policy information and pertinent changes. 

Route Delays

MetroWest 3 Route Delay: This route had to be broken up between 3 drivers today. Some stops will be ok but Belmont, Arlington and Watertown will not be delivered until later this afternoon.

The following libraries are affected:

Winchester Public Library
Somerville Public Library
Medford Public Library
Woburn Public Library
Robbins Library
Belmont Public Library
Watertown Public Library
Waltham Public Library
Bedford Public Library

SEMLS 7: I’m sorry to report that the majority of this route will not be done today due to driver shortage. We were only able to give another driver 2 stops to do today. These 2 libraries will receive delivery today Osterville and Sandwich.

The following libraries will not receive delivery today but will receive delivery tomorrow 9/24:

N. Falmouth
W. Falmouth


E. Falmouth



Marston Mills



Mass Maritime

Marion Elizabeth Taylor.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Contact Information

Have a delivery question or concern? Contact Us!

Optima Customer Service:

(800) 872-4004

MLS Delivery:

(508) 357-2121 option 1
(866) 627-7228


COVID-19 Prevention

Message from Optima regarding the Coronavirus protocols and precautions in place.