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MLS Delivery: Delivery Surveys

This guide introduces delivery at the Massachusetts Library System and provides all the necessary information about delivery, routes, scheduling, claim forms, etc.

Want to join the Delivery List-Serv?

To be added to the delivery email list and receive updates and announcements regarding delivery, please email

Please make sure at least one person from your library receives emails. We periodically put out important policy information and pertinent changes. 

Delivery Survey Announcements

The Delivery Survey is coming!

The Delivery Survey is March 18 - 22. Survey information coming soon!

MLS will be collecting delivery statistics from all member libraries who receive delivery. Accurate figures on how delivery is used help us determine how to allocate funding during our planning and budgeting process. Completing the survey is a requirement of membership of MLS. As we have done previously, we will be collecting data online using a Survey Monkey survey. This survey will be used to capture delivery statistics, including bins put into delivery, bins delivered and items put into delivery.

We understand sometimes the designated week does not work for all libraries. If necessary, you may complete the survey a different week.


Delivery Survey Worksheet and Link

March 2024 Survey Link

Delivery worksheets are distributed through delivery. Please do not return this sheet to MLS with your figures. You must fill out the online survey. Once you have completed the survey week, you can input the information into Survey Monkey link.


Contact Information

Have a delivery question or concern? Contact Us!

Optima Customer Service:


MLS Delivery:

(508) 357-2121 option 1
(866) 627-7228