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MLS Delivery: Lost/Damaged Items

This guide introduces delivery at the Massachusetts Library System and provides all the necessary information about delivery, routes, scheduling, claim forms, etc.


What should I do with misrouted material?

Put the item back in delivery. Mis-sorted items will be re-sorted to the correct destination. If there is no clear destination, the item will be returned to the owning library.

What to do if an item does not arrive in delivery:

Verify that the sending library did indeed send the item out into delivery. If you are the owning library and you determine the item was placed in delivery and has not arrived at your library after two months you may fill out the Online Claim Form. If you would like to check the in transit status of an item prior to filling out a claim email

Before submitting a claim, please keep in mind:

Claims submitted before the two month waiting period will not be accepted and will need to be resubmitted.  MLS cannot accept any claims for items that have been missing past the one year in transit date.  Reimbursement can take about 2-3 months from the time the claim is submitted. Claims for the previous month are submitted to Optima on the first of the month.

If you are the borrowing library, please contact the owning library so they can submit a claim form as described above. 

If an item for which you have submitted a claim turns up please notify MLS so we can stop the reimbursement process or cancel the claim by emailing MLS Delivery. 

If you notice a pattern of missing items has developed, particularly for media such as DVDs, CDs, or games, notify MLS immediately. 

What to do if an item arrives damaged:

Verify that the damage did not occur before the item was placed in delivery.  If you are the owning library and you determine the item was damaged while in transit, send the item to the MLS- Marlborough Office, using a “C” routing slip, Attention: Delivery and fill out a claim form using the Online Claim Form.  Please do not discard any damaged items for which you are seeking reimbursement.  All damaged items must be sent to the MLS office in order to be considered for reimbursement.

If you are the borrowing library, please send the item back to the owning library and notify them of the issue.  They can submit a claim as described above.

When a significant number of items or a bin arrive in delivery severely damaged, please contact MLS. Damaged items will be picked up next scheduled delivery. MLS will take inventory and contact libraries.

Contact Information

Have a delivery question or concern? Contact Us!

Optima Customer Service:


MLS Delivery:

(508) 357-2121 option 1
(866) 627-7228


'Best Practices' for Lost and Damaged Items