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Interlibrary Loan: Shipping Information

A guide to resource sharing activities and services at MLS and beyond.

Resource Sharing at MLS

Delivery at MLS 

Document Delivery

Virtual resources made available through MLS, MBLC, and other projects
MassCat is a resource sharing network for school, medical, law, special and small public libraries.

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U.S. Mail

Labels: For all labels, the “from” field must be higher on the package than the “To:” field (ideally, the top left corner). Otherwise, machines may automatically read the “from” field and route it back to you.

Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMpb): The post Office switched to Intelligent Mail barcodes in January 2014. They have stated they will begin enforcing their use with fines. Depending on how you mail, you may have to request preprinted IMpb labels by contacting your Post Office.

You do not need to get IMpb labels if:

·         You use an up to date postage meter that includes the IMpb

·         You use USPS Print & Ship / Click-N-Ship

·         You use

·         You transact at a retail USPS counter


When sending library material to Canada, look for the “duty free” box to indicate this is library material and should not be charged duty to the recipient. Make sure to print out and attach the following text:

Attn: Revenue Canada
Tariff: 9993.00.00
GST Code 51
International Loans Between Libraries
(International Act of 1978)
No Commercial Value: Any Value Stated is for Insurance Purposes Only

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