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Interlibrary Loan: Interlibrary Loan via MLS

A guide to resource sharing activities and services at MLS and beyond.

Resource Sharing at MLS

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Virtual resources made available through MLS, MBLC, and other projects
MassCat is a resource sharing network for school, medical, law, special and small public libraries.


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Interlibrary Loan via MLS

Service Scope:

The Massachusetts Library System provides mediated interlibrary loan for all member libraries in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Interlibrary loan refers to returnable items that cannot be borrowed through in-network transfer, Commonwealth Catalog, or Point-to-Point. Participating libraries place and update their borrowing requests through the cloud-based ILL client, Clio.

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Resource Sharing Team
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Laura Bogart, Resource Sharing Assistant x318

Alison DeMers, Resource Sharing Assistant x317

Vincent Nguyen, Resource Sharing Assistant x316

Hansie Grignon, Resource Sharing Librarian x321

Scott Kehoe, Resource Sharing Manager x308

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