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Interlibrary Loan: Training and Documentation

A guide to resource sharing activities and services at MLS and beyond.

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Subscribe to our MLS-ILL list for important announcements and messages about mediated interlibrary loan services. The archive of previous announcements are available to view in case you've missed them at

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Interlibrary Loan Community Chats

Laura Bogart and the rest of the Resource Sharing Team staff host Interlibrary Loan Community Chats whenever a new topic of interest comes up. Each one is recorded, and you can find the recordings below. To join future Community Chats, please register at the ILL/Delivery section of our calendar. To find other exciting events hosted by MLS, go to To find recordings of webinars, please continue scrolling down.

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  • Wednesday, March 2, 2022: Topic: "Let's discuss the USA ILL Code!" The entire first half is on the USA ILL Code, so there aren't topic timestamps until the Q&A session begins. 40:30: Finding prior recordings and upcoming webinars. 42:00: What happens during mail disasters? 44:20 Copyrights? 47:00 Forgiving lost ILL items? 53:00 How does ILL interact with international law? 
  • Wednesday, February 23, 2022. Topic: "Finding AV encoding on OCLC" Timestamps: 00:28 Sometimes Zoom links are weird. 06:35 What you need to know about DVD encoding (Regions and format); 12:20 Resources for playing different regions and formats; 14:00 How to see the different regions and formats on; 25:30 What information should be included in requests? 26:50 Series split into volumes or individual discs; 31:00 Where is patron information stored? 32:40 CDs are universal and some regions and formats are getting mixed now; 35:00 Some TV series and movies are not released at all now, while the streaming service makes them exclusive; 37:00 What about universal or region free players? 40:00 Do some multi-region players only allow a certain number of switches between regions or formats? 46:30 VHS as an alternate option; 50:00 Where to find recordings and upcoming ILL Zoom events.
  • Wednesday, February 2, 2022. Timestamps and topics: 00:00 Welcome, introductions, and Zoom how-to; 3:20 where to find prior recordings and trainings; 07:37 free tracking label stickers, and how long you need to saving tracking info; 16:00 what about international tracking numbers?; 17:22 ILL procedures for homebound patrons; 23:25 when to renew through Clio and when to contact MLS staff for help renewing.
  • Wednesday, January 19, 2022. Timestamps and topics: 00:00 Welcome, introductions, and Zoom how-to; 02:39 A quick behind the scenes demonstration of what we see when we upload requests from Clio and fill them on WorldShare plus a reminder to tell us when you change your contact information; 10:40 Free tracking label stickers!; 13:04 statewide Delivery service issues; 18:10 how to search for your ILLs in Clio
  • Wednesday, January 5, 2022 Timestamps and topics: 00:00 Welcome and introductions; 01:50 Postal service delays, free tracking label stickers, and "has this arrived?" notices; 07:07 how to get to the ILL listserv and other listservs;  09:35 how to save notes in Clio; 12:25 how long do the tracking labels take to arrive?; 13:45 how long can requests stay in pending before being shipped? / academic libraries closing during holidays; 18:08 renewal policies on mediated ILL and on ComCat.
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  • Chats co-hosted with Delivery and eResources:

Updating Clio, with Q&A

Receiving requests in Clio

Renewing and Returning in Clio

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Resource Sharing Team (best method for email)
866-627-7228 select option #4

Laura Bogart, Resource Sharing Assistant x318

Kathryn Bowen, Resource Sharing Assistant x321

Vincent Nguyen, Resource Sharing Assistant x316

Alison DeMers, Resource Sharing Librarian x317

Scott Kehoe, Library Resources Director x308

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