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A guide to resource sharing activities and services at MLS and beyond.

Resource Sharing News

COVID-19 and ILL: FAQs

Can I place new requests?

Yes! If your patrons are looking for material, please feel free to place requests. Not all libraries are back to lending physical materials, but many are, so we will do our best to find a lender.

Why is this loan taking so long to arrive?

Items coming through Delivery are also taking a little longer; many libraries currently have fewer Delivery days than their normal routes which is adding to time spent in transit. Items coming from Rhode Island are also taking longer than usual. If items haven’t arrived within 2 weeks please let us know so we can check with the owning library and Delivery.

USPS shipping times have gone back to normal after the increased volume over the winter. If items haven't arrived within 2 weeks of the shipping date please let us know.

Please continue to update Clio promptly so we (and the lending library) know the item arrived safely. 

My ILL arrived near or after the due date. Can I renew?

After you update Clio to Received, you will be able to request a renewal from the lending library. Go to Update Options and click on Renewal Request. Enter your new desired due date in the "Renewal Request Date" field. You will receive an automated email stating whether the lender approved or denied the renewal. Libraries are very understanding of shipping delays and have been generous with granting renewals. If the renewal is denied, please let us know.

An out-of-state library emailed me directly asking to borrow something in my library's collection. What should I do?

UPDATED 5/10/21: We are slowly transitioning back into lending materials from member libraries. If you are contacted by an out of state library looking to borrow something in your library's collection, please refer them to the MLS ILL team at Thank you!

Questions? Concerns? Email the ILL team at
(Updated 5/10/2021)

Contact us!

Resource Sharing Team (best method for email)
866-627-7228 select option #4

Laura Bogart, Resource Sharing Assistant x318

Kathryn Bowen, Resource Sharing Assistant x321

Vincent Nguyen, Resource Sharing Assistant x316

Alison DeMers, Resource Sharing Librarian x317

Scott Kehoe, Library Resources Director x308

ILL Listservs

Announcement Lists

Subscribe to our MLS-ILL list for important announcements and messages about mediated interlibrary loan services. The archive of previous announcements are available to view in case you've missed them at

Libraries in the the former Central, Southeastern, and Western Regions (formerly served by Thomas Crane/Quincy) can subscribe here

Libraries in the former Boston, Metrowest, Northeast Regions (formerly served by Wellesley Free Library) can subscribe here.