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A guide to resource sharing activities and services at MLS and beyond.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022
2:00pm - 3:00pm
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Resource Sharing News

Are you tracking your returns?

For anyone who doesn’t already know about the free tracking label stickers USPS will send to you, the Resource Sharing Team highly encourages ordering them. Even if you don’t currently have any packages going out, we recommend requesting them now, since it can take about a month for them to arrive. There has been a dramatic increase in packages being delayed or lost in the mail since the recent Postal changes, on top of delays that began in 2020. Knowing a tracking number can save you from being invoiced, as well as avoid a lender from being discouraged from lending to us in the future.

If you have a mail machine that already uses tracking numbers, or if you get a receipt from the Post Office every time with your tracking number, the labels aren’t necessary. But if you don’t, please go to and input your address to ask the Postal Service to send you a stack of free and easy to use tracking labels.

The "Private Notes" field in Clio is a great place to record your tracking numbers so you and the RS team can easily find them!

As always, please reach out to with any questions or concerns!

Contact us!

Resource Sharing Team (best method for email)
866-627-7228 select option #4

Laura Bogart, Resource Sharing Assistant x318

Kathryn Bowen, Resource Sharing Assistant x321

Vincent Nguyen, Resource Sharing Assistant x316

Alison DeMers, Resource Sharing Librarian x317

Scott Kehoe, Library Resources Director x308

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