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Consulting and Training Services: Library Liaisons

Welcome to Consulting and Training Services at the Massachusetts Library System. On this page, you'll find info about our staff, our services, and links to guides about classes, topics, and services we offer.

Library Liaison Service

Each MLS consultant serves as a liaison to a number of libraries across the Commonwealth. Your library liaison is your personal connection to MLS. As your library liaison, an MLS consultant can:

  • Provide you and your library's staff with an overview of MLS programs and services.
  • Visit your library to learn about your library's goals, needs, challenges, and successes.
  • Provide you with consulting services or refer you to another MLS consultant.
  • Connect you to other organizations or member libraries.
  • Connect you to other MLS staff members.
    • If you already know who to contact at MLS, you are welcome to contact that person directly, you do not need to go through your library liaison.
    • If you do not know who to contact at MLS, your library liaison can put you in contact with the right MLS staff member.

MLS library liaisons serve all library types: academic, public, school, and special.  Got a question?  Contact your library liaison today!

Find Your Library Liaison

Finding your library liaison is easy. You can use our:

  • Library Liaison Map: Locate your municipality on the below map. When you hover your cursor over your municipality, you will see the name of your library liaison.
  • A - Z Municipality Browser: Select the tab for the letter your municipality starts with. Then find your municipality in the list. Your library liaison will be listed next to your municipality.

Once you have found your library liaison, you can contact them using the contact information listed at the bottom of this page.

Library Liaison Map

A - Z Municipality Browser

Select the tab for the letter your municipality starts with. Then find your municipality in the list. Your library liaison will be listed next to your municipality.

Municipalities Starting With "A" Library Liaison
Abington Sarah Sogigian
Acton Michelle Eberle
Acushnet Sarah Sogigian


Anna Popp
Agawam Anna Popp
Alford Anna Popp
Amesbury Christi Farrar
Amherst Kristi Chadwick
Andover Christi Farrar
Aquinnah Christi Farrar
Arlington Michelle Eberle
Ashburnham Kristi Chadwick
Ashby Kristi Chadwick
Ashfield Kristi Chadwick
Ashland Terry McQuown
Athol Kristi Chadwick
Attleboro Terry McQuown
Auburn Anna Popp
Avon Terry McQuown
Ayer Kristi Chadwick
Municipalities Starting With "B" Library Liaison
Barnstable Michelle Eberle
Barre Kristi Chadwick
Becket Anna Popp
Bedford Michelle Eberle
Belchertown Kristi Chadwick
Bellingham Terry McQuown
Belmont Michelle Eberle
Berkley Sarah Sogigian
Berlin Kristi Chadwick
Bernardston Kristi Chadwick
Beverly Christi Farrar
Billerica Christi Farrar
Blackstone Terry McQuown
Blandford Anna Popp
Bolton Kristi Chadwick
Boston Sarah Sogigian
Bourne Michelle Eberle
Boxborough Kristi Chadwick
Boxford Christi Farrar
Boylston Kristi Chadwick
Braintree Sarah Sogigian
Brewster Michelle Eberle
Bridgewater Sarah Sogigian
Brimfield Anna Popp
Brockton Terry McQuown
Brookfield Anna Popp
Brookline Michelle Eberle
Buckland Kristi Chadwick
Burlington Christi Farrar
Municipalities Starting With "C" Library Liaison
Cambridge Michelle Eberle
Canton Terry McQuown
Carlisle Christi Farrar
Carver Sarah Sogigian
Charlemont Kristi Chadwick
Charlton Anna Popp
Chatham Michelle Eberle
Chelmsford Christi Farrar
Chelsea Michelle Eberle
Cheshire Anna Popp
Chester Anna Popp
Chesterfield Kristi Chadwick
Chicopee Anna Popp
Chilmark Christi Farrar
Clarksburg Anna Popp
Clinton Kristi Chadwick
Cohasset Sarah Sogigian
Colrain Kristi Chadwick
Concord Michelle Eberle
Conway Kristi Chadwick
Cummington Kristi Chadwick
Municipalities Starting With "D" Library Liaison
Dalton Anna Popp
Danvers Christi Farrar
Dartmouth Sarah Sogigian
Dedham Terry McQuown
Deerfield Kristi Chadwick
Dennis Michelle Eberle
Dighton Sarah Sogigian
Douglas Anna Popp
Dover Terry McQuown
Dracut Christi Farrar
Dudley Anna Popp
Dunstable Christi Farrar
Duxbury Sarah Sogigian
Municipalities Starting With "E" Library Liaison
East Bridgewater Sarah Sogigian
East Brookfield Anna Popp
East Longmeadow Anna Popp
Eastham Michelle Eberle
Easthampton Kristi Chadwick
Easton Terry McQuown
Edgartown Christi Farrar
Egremont  Anna Popp
Erving Kristi Chadwick
Essex Christi Farrar
Everett Michelle Eberle
Municipalities Starting With "F" Library Liaison
Fairhaven Sarah Sogigian
Fall River Sarah Sogigian
Falmouth Michelle Eberle
Fitchburg Kristi Chadwick
Florida Anna Popp
Foxborough Terry McQuown
Framingham Terry McQuown
Franklin Terry McQuown
Freetown Sarah Sogigian
Municipalities Starting With "G" Library Liaison
Gardner Kristi Chadwick
Georgetown Christi Farrar
Gill Kristi Chadwick
Gloucester Christi Farrar
Goshen Kristi Chadwick
Gosnold Christi Farrar
Grafton Terry McQuown
Granby Kristi Chadwick
Granville Anna Popp
Great Barrington Anna Popp
Greenfield Kristi Chadwick
Groton Christi Farrar
Groveland Christi Farrar
Municipalities Starting With "H" Library Liaison
Hadley Kristi Chadwick
Halifax Sarah Sogigian
Hamilton Christi Farrar
Hampden Anna Popp
Hancock Anna Popp
Hanover Sarah Sogigian
Hanson Sarah Sogigian
Hardwick Kristi Chadwick
Harvard Kristi Chadwick
Harwich Michelle Eberle
Hatfield Kristi Chadwick
Haverhill Christi Farrar
Hawley Kristi Chadwick
Heath Kristi Chadwick
Hingham Sarah Sogigian
Hinsdale Anna Popp
Holbrook Sarah Sogigian
Holden Kristi Chadwick
Holland  Anna Popp
Holliston Terry McQuown
Holyoke Anna Popp
Hopedale Terry McQuown
Hopkinton Terry McQuown
Hubbardston Kristi Chadwick
Hudson Terry McQuown
Hull Sarah Sogigian
Huntington Kristi Chadwick
Municipalities Starting With "I" Library Liaison
Ipswich Christi Farrar
Municipalities Starting With "K" Library Liaison
Kingston Sarah Sogigian
Municipalities Starting With "L" Library Liaison
Lakeville Sarah Sogigian
Lancaster Kristi Chadwick
Lanesborough Anna Popp
Lawrence Christi Farrar
Lee Anna Popp
Leicester Anna Popp
Lenox Anna Popp
Leominster Kristi Chadwick
Leverett Kristi Chadwick
Lexington Michelle Eberle
Leyden Kristi Chadwick
Lincoln Michelle Eberle
Littleton Christi Farrar
Longmeadow Anna Popp
Lowell Christi Farrar
Ludlow Anna Popp
Lunenburg Kristi Chadwick
Lynn Christi Farrar
Lynnfield Christi Farrar
Municipalities Starting With "M" Library Liaison
Malden Michelle Eberle
Manchester-by-the-Sea Christi Farrar
Mansfield Terry McQuown
Marblehead Christi Farrar
Marion Sarah Sogigian
Marlborough Terry McQuown
Marshfield Sarah Sogigian
Mashpee Michelle Eberle
Mattapoisett Sarah Sogigian
Maynard Michelle Eberle
Medfield Terry McQuown
Medford Michelle Eberle
Medway Terry McQuown
Melrose Christi Farrar
Mendon Terry McQuown
Merrimac Christi Farrar
Methuen Christi Farrar
Middleborough Sarah Sogigian
Middlefield Kristi Chadwick
Middleton Christi Farrar
Milford Terry McQuown
Millbury Anna Popp
Millis Terry McQuown
Millville Terry McQuown
Milton Sarah Sogigian
Monroe Kristi Chadwick
Monson Anna Popp
Montague Kristi Chadwick
Monterey Anna Popp
Montgomery Anna Popp
Mount Washington Anna Popp
Municipalities Starting With "N" Library Liaison
Nahant Christi Farrar
Nantucket Michelle Eberle
Natick Terry McQuown
Needham Terry McQuown
New Ashford Anna Popp
New Bedford Sarah Sogigian
New Braintree Kristi Chadwick
New Marlborough Anna Popp
New Salem Kristi Chadwick
Newbury Christi Farrar
Newburyport Christi Farrar
Newton Terry McQuown
Norfolk Terry McQuown
North Adams Anna Popp
North Andover Christi Farrar
North Attleboro Terry McQuown
North Brookfield Anna Popp
North Reading Christi Farrar
Northampton Kristi Chadwick
Northborough Kristi Chadwick
Northbridge Terry McQuown
Northfield Kristi Chadwick
Norton Terry McQuown
Norwell Sarah Sogigian
Norwood Terry McQuown
Municipalities Starting With "O" Library Liaison
Oak Bluffs Christi Farrar
Oakham Kristi Chadwick
Orange Kristi Chadwick
Orleans Michelle Eberle
Otis Anna Popp
Oxford Anna Popp
Municipalities Starting With "P" Library Liaison
Palmer Anna Popp
Paxton Kristi Chadwick
Peabody Christi Farrar
Pelham Kristi Chadwick
Pembroke Sarah Sogigian
Pepperell Kristi Chadwick
Peru Anna Popp
Petersham Kristi Chadwick
Phillipston Kristi Chadwick
Pittsfield Anna Popp
Plainfield Kristi Chadwick
Plainville Terry McQuown
Plymouth Sarah Sogigian
Plympton Sarah Sogigian
Princeton Kristi Chadwick
Provincetown Michelle Eberle
Municipalities Starting With "Q" Library Liaison
Quincy Sarah Sogigian
Municipalities Starting With "R" Library Liaison
Randolph  Sarah Sogigian
Raynham Sarah Sogigian
Reading Christi Farrar
Rehoboth Sarah Sogigian
Revere Michelle Eberle
Richmond Anna Popp
Rochester Sarah Sogigian
Rockland Sarah Sogigian
Rockport Christi Farrar
Rowe Kristi Chadwick
Rowley Christi Farrar
Royalston Kristi Chadwick
Russell Anna Popp
Rutland Kristi Chadwick
Municipalities Starting With "S" Library Liaison
Salem Christi Farrar
Salisbury Christi Farrar
Sandisfield Anna Popp
Sandwich Michelle Eberle
Saugus Christi Farrar
Savoy Anna Popp
Scituate Sarah Sogigian
Seekonk Sarah Sogigian
Sharon Terry McQuown
Sheffield Anna Popp
Shelburne Kristi Chadwick
Sherborn Terry McQuown
Shirley Kristi Chadwick
Shrewsbury Terry McQuown
Shutesbury Kristi Chadwick
Somerset Sarah Sogigian
Somerville Michelle Eberle
South Hadley Kristi Chadwick
Southampton Kristi Chadwick
Southborough Terry McQuown
Southbridge Anna Popp
Southwick Anna Popp
Spencer Anna Popp
Springfield Anna Popp
Sterling Kristi Chadwick
Stockbridge Anna Popp
Stoneham Christi Farrar
Stoughton Terry McQuown
Stow Michelle Eberle
Sturbridge Anna Popp
Sudbury Michelle Eberle
Sunderland Kristi Chadwick
Sutton Anna Popp
Swampscott Christi Farrar
Swansea Sarah Sogigian
Municipalities Starting With "T" Library Liaison
Taunton Sarah Sogigian
Templeton Kristi Chadwick
Tewksbury Christi Farrar
Tisbury Christi Farrar
Tolland Anna Popp
Topsfield Christi Farrar
Townsend Kristi Chadwick
Truro Michelle Eberle
Tyngsborough Christi Farrar
Tyringham Anna Popp
Municipalities Starting With "U" Liaison Liaison
Upton Terry McQuown
Uxbridge  Terry McQuown
Municipalities Starting With "W" Library Liaison
Wakefield Christi Farrar
Wales Anna Popp
Walpole Terry McQuown
Waltham Michelle Eberle
Ware Kristi Chadwick
Wareham Sarah Sogigian
Warren Anna Popp
Warwick Kristi Chadwick
Washington Anna Popp
Watertown Michelle Eberle
Wayland Michelle Eberle
Webster Anna Popp
Wellesley Terry McQuown
Wellfleet Michelle Eberle
Wendell Kristi Chadwick
Wenham Christi Farrar
West Boylston Kristi Chadwick
West Bridgewater Terry McQuown
West Brookfield Anna Popp
West Newbury Christi Farrar
West Springfield Anna Popp
West Stockbridge Anna Popp
West Tisbury Christi Farrar
Westborough Terry McQuown
Westfield Anna Popp
Westford Christi Farrar
Westhampton Kristi Chadwick
Westminster Kristi Chadwick
Weston Terry McQuown
Westport Sarah Sogigian
Westwood Terry McQuown
Weymouth Sarah Sogigian
Whately Kristi Chadwick
Whitman Sarah Sogigian
Wilbraham Anna Popp
Williamsburg Kristi Chadwick
Williamstown Anna Popp
Wilmington Christi Farrar
Winchendon Kristi Chadwick
Winchester Christi Farrar
Windsor Anna Popp
Winthrop Michelle Eberle
Woburn Christi Farrar
Worcester Anna Popp
Worthington Kristi Chadwick
Wrentham Terry McQuown
Municipalities Starting With "Y" Library Liaison
Yarmouth Michelle Eberle

Contact Your Library Liaison

Name Email Link to Profile
Anna Popp
Christi Farrar
Kristi Chadwick
Michelle Eberle
Sarah Sogigian*
Terry McQuown*

* Temporary assignments. We are currently in the process of hiring two consultant positions and the new consultants will replace Sarah Sogigian and Terry McQuown.